• Our Vision

    Ensuring all students have a community where they can be themselves and have the opportunity to engage with social causes they're passionate about.

  • Your Community

    ILSC works to create a sense of community between students built on the values of mutual respect and openness.

  • Our Values

    Love – Acceptance, Equality, Social Connection, Community Engagement, Social Justice, Sustainability

  • Your Events

    At the moment we are continuing to hold events online. You can join in or suggest new ones!

Welcome to the ILSC

The ILSC is a space where students can feel accepted, valued, and engaged with people and causes they’re passionate about. Through connecting students to new communities, providing brave spaces for challenging and diverse discourse, and creating a space of hospitality where students are always welcome, we work to support you both during and after your university journey.


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At the moment we are continuing to hold all of our events online. This means you can join in from wherever you are!

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